4 Skincare Bloggers To Watch

By Wanna’s World


As of late, recommending skincare tips and tricks seems like the ‘newest’ obsession in the beauty world. Almost every self titled, ‘beauty guru’ is suggesting products and/or starting skincare lines to get in on the action. However, while many may argue that ‘skin is in’, not every piece of advice proposed by your beauty fav will benefit your skin type. 


Skincare has never been a ‘one size fits all’ solution and shouldn’t be treated as such. Overall, it’s best to know who to trust before purchasing an abundance of products to prevent damaged skin or a spotty bank account. Whether you want to experiment with Korean Beauty or just want to know how to prevent oily or dry skin, the following skincare enthusiasts got you covered. 


First up, we have the phenomenal @HeyAprill (www.twitter.com/HeyAprill). Not only is she well versed on all things skin-care, she gives the best tips on how to take blogging further and how to connect with your audience. I first stumbled onto this self-proclaimed, ‘skincare microinfluencer’ when I was in search for a beginner’s skincare guide and I haven’t looked back since. I strongly recommend that you follow her, you won’t be disappointed.


Next, we have @ShaunaKay_ (www.twitter.com/ShaunaKay_) from Toronto who runs www.shaunakay.com. Her main focus is ‘Makeup and Skincare’ and she also has a strong background in PR and branding. What I love most about Shauna’s site are the product reviews, not only is she very honest, she has a clear love and respect for all things beauty. 


While I was on the lookout for Skincare enthusiasts via. Twitter, various people recommended the lovely @Brieyonce (www.twitter.com/Brieyonce). While she doesn’t currently have a blog, Brie is a Licensed Esthetician and a self-proclaimed “brow and skin expert”. Her thread on ‘how to maintain a a soft bronzing summer glow’ here (https://twitter.com/brieyonce/status/828653988111331329) is a fav amongst fellow skincare enthusiasts and her beauty reviews are well received. 


Last but now least, we have the fabulous @blackgirlgonekb (www.twitter.com/blackgirlgonekb). Her blog is a utopia for Korean Beauty and she is a Top 75 K-Beauty site. Not only is her blog quickly approaching 4000 subscribers, the writing is impeccable and easy to follow. If you want to dabble in the world of K-Beauty and don’t know where to start. Click here (https://blackgirlgonekbeauty.com/) to upgrade your life.


Extras: Check out this amazing article from Teen Vogue. 9 Skincare Routines From Black Women (https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.teenvogue.com/gallery/9-skincare-routines-from-black-women/amp)


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