5 Makeup Trends We’re Leaving In 2017

By: Wanna’s World


Instagram or YouTube? I’m not too sure where to place the blame for some Beauty Trends in the last few years but they are both at fault for creating some crazy looks. While being over the top gets the most views, I’m afraid many makeup trends that were meant to be flaunted online have been adopted by the masses. From chunky brows to super dark contour, we’ve compiled a list of some makeup trends that need to be left in 2017. 


Over The Top Highlight


While I love me some highlight, people take it a little too far. I truly want to blame Makeup Vloggers for creating this trend but I honestly don’t know where this came from. I understand wanting to shine bright like a diamond from your cheeks to your nose but it comes off looking very amateur. Leave looking like a disco ball in 2017.


Too Light Concealer


Okay, give me a moment because this trend truly gets on my nerves. Concealer is important but your concealer shouldn’t be four shades lighter than your skin-tone. The following only results in racoon-like eyes and isn’t flattering at all. Can we leave this trend in 2017 and upgrade our concealer game? Please and thank you.


Chunky Eyebrows 


Personally I prefer thick brows over thin ones, however I think we’re doing way too much in this department. Put the eyebrow pomade down and tread lightly girl. Leave the Nike eyebrow shape in 2017 and step away from the square, blocked brows. 


Overdrawn Lips


You know we see it right? There’s nothing wrong with accentuating your natural features but creating a whole new lip is borderline scary. This trend should’ve died in 2016 to be quite honest but I have hope it’ll be on its way out soon.


Coloured Contacts


I see so much hate directed towards coloured contacts on social media but I feel indifferent about it. I don’t mind this beauty trend but I do feel like it looks a bit over the top depending on the shade. The key is to get a colour that works for your skin to prevent the contact from looking unnatural.


What overall trends do you think we should ditch in 2018? @doseofdian wants to know! (https://twitter.com/doseofdian/status/946775558662303752


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