Affordable and Fashionable Online Stores

By: Wanna's World

Do you ever feel like the mall has limited supply and doesn't cater to your fashion needs and wants? Trust and believe you're not alone. With online shopping on the rise (#Shoutout to Instagram Boutiques), the Internet is the best place to shop as its filled with endless possibilities that will cater to your style and most importantly, your wallet. If you're anything like me, you like to look fly and fashionable on a budget and slay everyone anywhere you go. If so, you came to the right place, I got you. 



First up, we have ASOS. ASOS is a remarkable company that offers almost everything on their website and App, (no seriously). It is home to thousands of brands and the prices may start as low as $10 for some stylish pieces. While hosting other brands, and being known for their signature  'ASOS' collection, the website caters to every body type without flaw. Not only does the company consistently have sales, the 'Outlet' section is filled with endless gems to get you prepared for every season. Last but not least, this online British store offers students 10% off everything full price by registering or logging in with UNiDAYS or ASOS. 


2. Missguided

Next, we have the trendy yet chic brand, titled 'Missguided'. The growing company offers a unique array of luxe, fashionable selections for way less. Missguided is not only ahead of the pack when it comes to trends, they often collab with notable celebrities for exclusive collections featured on the site. Looking for an amazing birthday fit or a night out on the town? This UK brand will answer all your lingering questions. Still not convinced? Another great plus with this brand are the sales. Almost every week they have a new code for you to purchase some fabulous threads.


3. Fashion Nova

Okay, before you drag me, don't sleep on Fashion Nova. I repeat, don't sleep on Fashion Nova. Yes, the brand gained notoriety on Instagram and is often referred to as an "IG Boutique" but they have amazing selections for as low as $10. While they are known for their skin tight, hip hugging jeans, the website also boasts a great supply of dresses, shoes and fashion accessories to keep you looking right at  ALL times. I often shop the site for vacation wear or when I'm going on a hot date. Also, it doesn't hurt that almost everyone is plugging a Fashion Nova discount code on almost every social media site. Trust me, if you haven't shopped on Fashion Nova, do it now and stop blocking your blessings. 


4. Boohoo

Last but not least, we have Boohoo. A friend of mine told me about Boohoo last year and it's safe to say she's my best friend for a reason. Boohoo is the spot if you're looking for almost everything. Not only do they stay on trend and give you looks for days, for almost every piece, they have a variety of colours. Like all the other brands mentioned, Boohoo also caters to tall, petite and curvy girls and also has a 'Premium' collection if you're looking to splurge.

All of the brands mentioned have a great return/exchange policy, ship within a reasonable time and are always responsive on Twitter for additional support. So now that you have a complete list of the most fashionable, affordable finds on a budget, treat yourself and don't cheat yourself. 


Bahi LLC