Why You Need Bahi’s Sunflower Serum

By: Wanna’s World

I first got introduced to Bahi Cosmetics one year ago after seeing shocking before and after photos from customers raving about the wonderful results they got from Bahi’s fan favourite, ‘Sunflower Sweets’ Serum. I could admit, at first I thought it was fluke, however as the days and weeks passed, a lot of other customers began to share similar results that convinced me that Bahi Cosmetics works some type of magic that I needed in my life.

On the website, Bahi notes that the unique serum is filled with essential oils that aim to target trouble spots like scaring, acne and hyper-pigmentation. After reading this, I was sold and had to try it. When I received the package, I immediately washed my face and applied the serum directly onto my skin. While massaging the product on my face, I immediately felt the product working its magic. My skin felt supple and moisturized which is attributed to the sweet oils listed in the ingredients. I then applied the product once more before bed and when I woke up, my skin was GLOWING. I repeated this process once daily for a week and the dark spots and bags under my eyes minimized as well as the dry skin around my nose (that was a major problem area for me).

I’ve tried other products before that ‘claimed’ to treat scarring, acne and dark spots but this actually works. I’m not one to sugar coat anything and despite my association with Bahi this is a honest review. If you’re a skeptic who isn’t quite sold or you want other examples on why Bahi’s ‘Sunflower Sweets’ Serum is always sold out. Check out the various examples on Bahi’s IG page ‘@BahiCosmetics’ (www.instagram.com/bahi cosmetics) or cruise Bahi’s Twitter Page to see the hundreds of testimonials from everyday people who provide photos as well as detailed experiences. Click here (https://twitter.com/bahicosmetics/status/916132528494383104) for the latest customer review, or here (https://twitter.com/cesar_clavijo16/status/906313636435709952) or here (https://twitter.com/geauxgabby/status/910523991189807104).
On the website via. https://bahi.care/ the product comes in three sizes. 1oz to start, 2oz and the biggest size, 4oz. The prices range from $20 to $80 which is affordable if you’re serious about wanting to get your skin right. If you’re still not sold, check out the ever so talented Jackie Aina gush about Bahi’s ‘Sunflower Sweets’ serum in her “May Favourites” video (https://youtu.be/T2FbKuLYuGg). Starting at 18:20, the YouTube guru explains why she loves Bahi’s skincare product and recommends the serum to her 1 million + subscribers.

If I were you, the first thing I would do is shop Bahi Cosmetics and get your hands on the wonderful product that is their ‘Sunflower Sweets’ serum (https://bahi.care/skin/sunflower-sweets-serum), you WON’T be disappointed.

Note: Results May vary. Everyone’s skin is different and while I got quick results, it depends on your skin type.

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