Bahi’s Christmas Wish List

Christmas is right around the corner and we have some goodies that you need to add to your wish list. Whether you’re shopping before the holiday or waiting to score a major Boxing Day deal, don’t sleep on Bahi’s amazing products this holiday season. With the newest additions quickly becoming fan favourites, these gems are the perfect stocking stuffers.



Bahi’s Sunflower Sweets Serum


In October ( I wrote about the genius that is Bahi’s Sunflower Sweets Serum and I still stand by everything I said. The following beauty product is the perfect item to revamp your everyday skincare routine. Starting at $20.00, the serum is great for acne control, dark spots and provides many more benefits. 



Bahi Makeup Cleansers


I tried the Bahi Makeup Cleansers ( this year and I’m still hooked. Besides the Sunflower Sweets Serum, this is definitely in my Top 5 when it comes to Bahi’s skin care products. Starting from just $14.00, these wipes are great to use for facial cleansing or removing makeup. Whatever method you choose your skin will be thanking you!



Bahi Toner Spray


While the Toner Spray is new to the site, so many people love the following product due to the beneficial components that help with reducing acne blemishes and breakouts. Not only will the product balance your skin, it’ll nourish it as well. You can buy it for $16.00 here (



Bahi Shadows


This Bahi product is just everything and you need to add it to your cart right now. Offering a wide range of stunning shades, Bahi’s shadows are perfect for all day wear and offer amazing pigmentation. Whether you choose ‘Gem’ (Blue), ‘Lemonade’ (Yellow), ‘Nicotine’ (Orange), ‘Robyn’ (Aubergine Black Iridescent), ‘Velvet’ (True Red) or ‘Gucci’ (Deep Red) it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for $10.00. Click here to purchase (


Bahi Gift Card


Starting from $25.00, you can purchase a digital gift card from Bahi Cosmetics that will never expire. When purchasing the gift card, you’ll get a unique code that can be entered at checkout and will subtract from your future order total. Buy it here (


Bahi Cosmetics has so many other amazing products that you should add to your wish list this holiday season. Whether you’re looking to satisfy your skincare needs or want some makeup, shop Bahi ( for the best, homemade products in the beauty industry. 


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