Crayola Releases Exclusive Beauty Line With ASOS


By Wanna's World


No childhood is complete without Crayola’s iconic markers and pencil crayons. The brand has remained a go-to, childhood staple for many years and continues to win over the hearts of kids and adults alike who will do anything for the feel of a crayon in their hands. While the company is most famous for vacating classrooms and pencil cases, Crayola’s latest venture is a treat for those obsessed with color.


If you’re craving a nostalgic fix down memory lane, Crayola’s ASOS line (appropriately named: Crayola Beauty) will make your year. According to a recent announcement, Crayola released 95 vegan, cruelty-free shades of pigmented lipsticks, eye palettes, highlighters, mascara and many more with with the British retailer. The collaboration is absolutely stunning with the brand promising “gender neutrality” in a recent press release that reflects the “true spirit of self-expression and personal creativity.” With the launch, Crayola Beauty wants people to feel empowered and to “confidently be themselves”.


Throughout the 58-piece collection, my eyes gravitated towards the modern packaging donning the infamous Crayola logo and the cutesy names on all of the products. Highlighters including: “Blast of Bronze” to lip and cheek products like “Fuzzy Wuzzy” have me feeling like a kid again. The best part about the whole collection? The prices. The products range from $15-$40 exclusively available on


Are you ready to scribble on your face with Crayola? 


Image courtesy of ASOS/Crayola Beauty.

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