Essential Beauty Hacks 

By Wanna's World 


While makeup is fun to experiment with, it may be a time consuming practice for the average beauty lover, especially if you love a full, beat face. If your makeup routine takes quite a while to complete or if you’re curious about some tips and tricks to incorporate in your daily routine, utilizing these key beauty hacks is the best way to elevate your face. Below I have compiled some of the best shortcuts to give you the flawless finish you desire.

1. Oily Nose? No Problem!

While many people suffer with this issue, there doesn’t seem to be a sufficient way to rid of it. Despite all of the products marketed to prevent it, I haven’t found any luck, until now. If you have an oily nose, I suggest using eyeshadow primer and foundation followed by a spritz of setting spray. It’ll have you looking nice and matte for the whole day.

2. Sharp Eyeshadow Application

@ashleyxkim on Twitter suggested to use tape to get the perfect eyeshadow precision. By placing some clear tape near your eyelids, your shadow application game will be on 100. While I only do this when I have a fancy event, it’ll make you look like a pro.


3. Green & Orange Concealer to Balance Undertones

While this beauty hack isn’t totally new, it’s great to balance out undertones. You can use the green concealer to tone down the redness and the orange to correct an uneven skin tone. This hack works every time and Beauty company: LA GIRL Cosmetics sells the following for an affordable price. See here (

4. Test Your Foundation On Your Neck, Not Your Face 

Our faces are exposed to the sun a lot and we may suffer from breakouts due to this. When looking for the perfect foundation shade, it’s best to test your neck, not your face. The last thing you want is a beat face that doesn’t match the colour of your neck.

5. Eyeshadow Before Foundation Application

I wasn’t totally sold on this tip because I love to put my foundation on after I finish my brows. However, if you want to prevent your eyeshadow from dropping on your face while getting ready, this is the best hack. 

6. Try Apple Cider Vinegar As Toner

Okay, I know ACV has an interesting smell but it works as an amazing toner. Apple Cider Vinegar has a million and one benefits and applying it as a toner is one of the best tips ever as it’ll balance out your skins pH level. (Especially if you have oily skin).

7. Clear Soap As Brow Gel? Yes!

Twitter user @ashlee_banks_ suggested this tip and while I haven’t tried it, the proof is in the pudding. Click here (  She states that using a clear soap as an eyebrow gel is the key to life. 1. Wet the soap a little 2. Use it to brush your brows with a eyebrow brush. 

8. Sharpen Your Lipstick With Concealer

There is nothing worse than applying lipstick without a liner. Nothing! So this tip is useful for those who want to make their lips look a little more pronounced and sharp. Step 1: Apply some concealer around your lips to give your pout the drama it truly deserves. 

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