Fenty Beauty’s, ‘Stunna’ Lip Paint Is For Women of All Shades

By: Wanna’s World

Another day, another Fenty Beauty release. A couple days ago Rihanna brilliantly released ‘Stunna Lip Paint’ in ‘Uncensored’ that has the crowd going wild. For under $25 USD, the stunning concoction was released to the masses via. Sephora and www.fentybeauty.com and people can’t stop talking about it.

Via the website, the description describes the product as: “A weightless, 12hr liquid lipstick with a soft matte finish - born in one head-turning red shade that looks incredible on all skin tones.” It also boasts long, all day wear that had me reconsidering my love-hate relationship with red lipstick. While I have raved about MAC’s, “Ruby Woo” in the past, I decided to do more research about ‘Stunna’ and to my surprise, it looks gorgeous on all women. Light, brown, dark, etc this red lippie is a must have item! Still not sold? Below I have compiled a short yet amazing list of women wearing ‘Stunna Lip Paint’ in “Uncensored” and honestly, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Rightfully snatching my edges, Twitter user @channneeell got me all the way together when she posted this selfie. Not only did I buy the Lip Paint immediately after this, I was happy to see how gorgeous it looks on a woman with a deeper skin tone. Click here (https://twitter.com/channneeell/status/933861914698043394) to view the Fenty Beauty realness.


  • I always sing Alissa Ashley’s praises because she’s honestly the Queen of YouTube visuals but her perfect pout shined even more in ‘Stunna’ Lip Paint. This formula is everything with minimal makeup that allows your natural beauty to be the main focal point. Click here (https://twitter.com/alissa_ashleyy/status/933846449355288576) to see her glo’.


  • While I seen so many women of colour looking exquisite in the ‘Stunna’ Lip Paint, Twitter User @fck_mebizzle also looked radiant in this eye-catching lippie, which is a true testament that the shade is for all women. Click here (https://twitter.com/fck_mebizzle/status/934048022048190464) to see the fab visual.



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