Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


By: Wanna’s World

Halloween is quickly approaching and if you’re anything like me, you don’t have a costume yet or maybe you’re not sold on your final picks. Here’s where Bahi and I come in, we’ve not only complied a list for last minute people like you, but the products used in each picture and/or video are super affordable, easily accessible and won’t take up too much of your time. So get ready to adjust your Sephora or drugstore budget to make room for one of these fabulous, last minute Halloween costumes.


1. I’ve been following ‘@makeupbyshaniah’ on Twitter for a while and that girl does the damn thing. Her daily makeup posts are gorgeous but around Halloween she goes off and beats her face to the Gods. If you’re looking to do a super tame look that’ll only require minimal makeup. I suggest trying her ‘Catwoman’ look here (


However, if you’re a pro at this and want to try something in the big leagues, I suggest to try her viral, ‘Corpse Bride’ look here ( You’re sure to stun anywhere you go Halloween-related.


2. If you’re into Kim Possible and remember the evil yet incredible Shego, ‘@1poeticdrugs’ slayed the hell out of his interpretation with this epic post. Yes, it may take a while but I think it’s worth the effort x 1000. Take a look at the slayage here (


If you’d like to see another version of ‘Shego’, click here ( to see this wonderful post by ‘@brimonetxo’ in a collab with ‘@boylondxn’ OR ‘@Tarisaix’ on Twitter for a simpler look (


3. Skulls, skulls, skulls. I don’t think Halloween is right without the resident ‘Skull’ costume and/or face paint. Here’s where ‘@anyajovitaa’ comes in. While cruising through @MakeupForWOC’s content, I seen this amazing skull tutorial that deserves so much more recognition. View the look here (


If you’re looking to weigh your options in the skull department, ‘@thegildedlifee’ has a great tutorial as well. View here on YouTube (

4. Last but not least, I couldn’t help but gag when I seen this makeup look. ‘@aulanimitchell_’ has a stunning interpretation of a ‘Voodoo Doll’ look that I just can’t get over. The attention to detail is so amazing and the camera quality is stunning. Check out the post here: (


5. Honourable Mention: “Pennywise” from IT. Alissa Ashley absolutely KILLED this look. See it on YouTube here (


If you still want more Halloween Inspo, click here ( on YouTube for ‘Top 15 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials OR if all else fails, paint your nose black and draw some whiskers, being a Cat is still a LOOK.

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