Makeup Hygiene Tips & Tricks

By: Wanna's World

When it comes to makeup, we all want to look our best and while it may be costly to spend on brushes, eyeshadow’s and lipsticks, it’s totally worth it. However, after we start using these products, how often are we cleaning them? Germs and bacteria often live on our makeup products due to unhygienic practices that cause buildup and may cause sickness or infection. Research shows that your pimples and/or acne may be attributed to unsafe makeup practices, so why aren’t we cleaning more? While writing this article, I researched and consulted a number of makeup artists that I know for the best cleaning tips when it comes to our beloved cosmetics. 


When using powder products, you can invest in a sanitizing product to help with germs by spraying the top layer before use or you can make your own spray bottle with 70% alcohol and spray after use. While evaporating into the product, you’ll be protected from bacteria. 


Mascara is a huge topic with it comes to cleaning products because a multitude of people say different times and months to get rid of them. While one of my makeup friends said 3 months, the other said 6 months. What I will say is to rid of mascara in less than three months, especially if you just keep plopping the brush into the tube without cleaning it. Mascara carries one of the highest concentration of germs and it may cause a severe eye infection. 


When it comes to pencils, always make sure you sharpen before each use and clean the sharpener as well. Whether you’re using pencils for your lips or for your eyes, follow the same practices. The last thing you want is a rash. Yikes!


When’s the last time you cleaned your lipstick? Yes I’m pointing and judging. If you’re like me and you have an ‘everyday’ lippie, clean it. Use isopropyl alcohol and/or wipes and clean the top layer thoroughly to remove all the nasty germs and buildup on your lipstick tube.

Fun Fact: You can also put your lipstick in the freezer overnight to rid of the germs and bacteria.


The best type of sponges to use are latex free sponges and I’ll tell you why. It can help to avoid any potential allergic reactions and/or sensitivities. You know that sponge that comes with your foundation that you haven’t cleaned since you bought it? Yeah, throw that away and start fresh.


There are literally so many ways to clean brushes so there isn’t any right or wrong way. I personally love to clean my brushes in a container with warm water and some light baby soap. Not only does it smell great when dry, it removes all the nasty gunk and buildup. 

Extra: Try this incredible method when it comes to your brushes. Click here (

Makeup Bag:

Last but not least, please don’t neglect your makeup bag. There is no point in putting all the clean products back into a dirty bag. Depending on the material, wash your bags and rid of all the stains and filthy germs. If you can’t fully wash your bags, use some isopropyl alcohol wipes and go crazy.

All in all, make sure you’re replacing your makeup regularly. I cringe when people gloat about having mascara for more than 8 months, let alone years. Make sure you develop a steady routine when it comes to your makeup practices and also remember to never share makeup products, unless you clean it thoroughly before application.

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