Must Have Pieces for Fall


By: Wanna's World


With summer quickly making a disappearance, it's time to talk about all things Fall, more specifically all things Fall fashion. Autumn is often referred to as the it fashion season for many reasons as it's the best time to layer all your warm, stylish pieces, adorn your body in nothing but rich and gorgeous hues like mustard yellow, rust and evergreen and show off your signature style with fly statement pieces. Join me as I say R.I.P to the lukewarm Summer 2017 and welcome all these wonderful, 'must-have' pieces for the Fall with open arms.


1. Fur, Fur, Fur!

I personally think it should be illegal to go without fur during the Fall season. Fur adds that extra 'something something' to ANY outfit to give it the spruce it needs. Personally, I'm an advocate for faux fur and prefer colourful or patterned variations. If you're in the mood for faux fur, almost every retail store from Forever 21 to Zara is stocked with this popular Fall item. 


2. Leather Weather

Whether it's black, red or comes in the form of a skirt or jacket, leather in the Fall is an important accessory. The following is a staple with denim jeans and adds that badass, moto look to your Fall threads. The classic jacket works well with casual looks or with your favourite fashion-forward outfit of choice. I personally prefer leather in the early stages of Fall and avoid it when the weather is crisper 


3. Show Me Them Thighs

When it comes to Fall footwear, I'm obsessed with anything thigh high. It adds that WOW factor to any outfit and increases your confidence level by 1000. The great thing about this Fall staple is that it's offered on almost every online store, from Fashion Nova to LolaShoetique. Put this Autumn staple on the top of your Fall shopping list and get ready to stunt.


4. Accessorize

So this particular section includes everything from jewellery to handbags to hats. Without accessorizing, outfits often look bland or uninspired. This Fall season, I encourage you to experiment with garments adorned with jewels, fringe or spikes for a fierce look. Don't fall behind this trend and get on it, you won't be disappointed. 

5. (Statement) Coat

Yes, I know I mentioned Fall jackets earlier but statement coats can vary from anything to a trench coat to a bubble jacket. During the long, cold months of Fall/Winter, your coat is the first thing people often look at, so why not have a dope statement coat to rock? I suggest buying a camel trench to elevate your Autumn fit to the fullest or if you like eclectic looks, go for an embroidered look.


Honourable Mention: Plaid

Apart of me didn't want to list this due to the slight overkill it suffers in the Fall but it's one of those items you can't avoid and to be honest, why would you? I tend to rock a plaid flannel in the Fall around my waist or if I'm on my Blair Waldorf, I go for a Gossip Girl inspired look and top it off with a plaid skirt. Don't be shy and embrace plaid's glory.


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