Perfecting The Glow

by: Ebony Stemmons @ebonyreneexo



Everyone loves a nice glow, and it’s clear that the highlight trend is here to stay.  There are many ways to achieve the appearance of a bomb highlight.  Whether you prefer a glittery highlight or a dewy shine, here are a few tips to achieve the trend.




Yes, skincare is key to truly achieving any look, especially a highlight.  Your face is your canvas and you want your canvas to be clean.  Highlighters draw attention to the texture of your skin so it’s important to keep your skin healthy.  Who wants to highlight dead skin?  No one.  Exfoliating the skin will help you get rid of the dead skin cells on your face, which will keep the texture on your face nice and smooth.  Try to exfoliate 1-2 times a week, unless you have more oily skin, then you can exfoliate more if need be.  Exfoliating the skin can also help your skin to absorb serums and moisturizer more effectively.  Speaking of moisturizer, if you want your skin to glow you need to stay hydrated inside and out.  Be sure to wash and moisturize your face up to two times a day and drink plenty of water.  Skincare will help you glow from within which is good place to start.



Finding the RIGHT Highlighter

There are a variety of highlight colors to chose from.  It helps to pick colors that go well with your skin and undertone.  Whether you have a warm or cool undertone there are a ton of highlighters out there to choose from.  Now if you’re feeling bold, step out of our comfort zone and throw on a unicorn lavender highlight and steal the show by all means honey!



Where and How Much To Apply

Apply your highlighter to all the areas of your face and body that the sun and natural light hits such as: cheek bones, brow bone, nose, and chin.  Some even like to apply a highlight to the inner corner of the eyes and collar bone.  There are no rules to how much highlighter to apply and many believe there is no such thing as “too much” of highlight.  For a more subtle glow apply 1-2 layers.  To glow up to GAWDS apply multiple layers or mix more than one highlighter together.



Tools to Use

For liquid and cream highlighters you can use a beauty blender, stipple brush, or even your fingers.  To apply powder highlighters use a fan brush or a small fluffy define brush to give you more control.  



Set the Glow

Last but not least be sure to set your glow by using a setting spray that has more of a hydrated luminous finish to leave your skin nice and radiant!









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