Switch or Ditch?

I was in the market for a new Beauty Blender (as the Sephora app wouldn't stop reminding me) so the timing of the Fenty Beauty release was perfect. I was interested in the design of the FB blender so I figured I'd try it. Which one is better though? 

Let's decide together: do we SWITCH or DITCH the newbie?? 




Comparing them side by side, the Beauty Blender has a slight advantage because of the pointed tip of the sponge when dry. I always use my sponge damp, so that's what I base my comparison on. Both feel like the same size when damp, so it's all preferential from here.


winner: draw




There is an obvious difference in feel/texture between the two. 

The beauty blender we all know and love, most of us anyway, is more textured than the FB. 

I personally love how the Fenty blender feels though. It has a velvet-like feel (yum) and is bouncy when squeezed. 

The FB obviously hasn't been out for 3 months yet so I can't speak on the longevity but the build is solid, even after washing. We'll talk about that a little later.


winner: draw




Probably the most important question of all: HOW WELL DOES IT WORK?! 

I found the beauty blender only works well for me when damp. Again, this is preferential but the general consensus is, we use it damp. Dassit.

Fenty, however, performed well dry and damp. Notice I didn't say "or". Use dry for full on coverage, use damp for a (buildable) more skin-like finish. The flat edge works amazing especially under the eyes as well. 

Was it an adjustment? Yes. 

Was it a hard adjustment to make? Absolutely not. 

winner: draw




We all love washing our beauty blenders, right? Right? Hello? 

Okay, maybe love wasn't the right word to use but it needs to be done. Using my Pink Poison Brush Cleaner ($9-17, pinkpoisoncosmetics.com) I tested both out in that instance. First off, the cleanser is amazing! Literally washes everything out in half the time as my old method and I've never gotten by BBs as clean as I do now that I'm using it. 

So my BB is fully clean after a minute (give or take) per usual so I just clean that one first. 

The Fenty blender? Jesus be a fence around my nerves. I used the same water, sink and cleanser and had to run it through 4 times to get a decent clean. FOUR TIMES. I damn near threw it away out of pure annoyance. After 5 washes and rinses, she was finally clean and put on the other side of my apartment because she needed a time out. 

winner: Beauty Blender




(Beauty Blender Pro: $20, beautyblender.com; Fenty Beauty Precision Makeup Sponge: $16, fentybeauty.com)




Is the $4 price difference worth the switch? I wouldn't act so hastily. While I definitely feel like it's one you should have in rotation, I don't see myself completely replacing my beauty blender with it. If you want a great beauty sponge but you also want change leftover for an iced coffee, it's worth the buy. 



-Tiairra (@kush&contour on twitter)

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