The Best Drugstore Beauty Buys

By: Wanna’s World

You’ve probably watched every YouTube tutorial possible and most likely have spent some of your savings on most of the ‘recommended’ products used by your favourite beauty vlogger. Secondly, Sephora probably knows you by name and while your makeup collection is growing, you haven’t used half of it? Why is that? Well for starters, a lot of super expensive makeup products suggested by your fav on the tube are heavily endorsed/sponsored and to be honest, it’s more so hype over anything. So let’s go back to the basics shall we? Drugstores have some of the best cosmetics to offer you if you can get past the notion that ‘cheap prices’ = cheap makeup. The following brands have the range to get your face in check but will save you some much needed money moula.





- Listen, you can find this brand everywhere from your local drugstore to your corner beauty supply. While products such as the fan favorite, HD PRO CONCEAL is super cheap, don’t let that turn you away, they do not disappoint. While I tend to listen to beauty vloggers sparingly, it’s no secret why almost half of them apply LA GIRL before beating their faces with pricier cosmetics. A personal fav for me has to be their HD PRO CONCEAL, but they have great lippies and an amazing setting spray for less than $10.


2. Maybelline x FIT ME ( )

- Okay, before trying this product I was a skeptic. When it comes to liquid foundations, I tend to side eye all of them due to the very limited shade ranges most brands offer. However, I was shook when I tried Maybelline’s ‘FIT ME’ and let me you, I had so much coverage, you’d swear I was using FaceTune. Their Matte + Poreless Foundation is an easy winner and it comes in VARIOUS shades. Take my word for it and run to the drugstore right now, you won’t regret this purchase.


3. Milani Cosmetics x Color Statement Lipstick ( )

- I know for a fact, some of you probably looked at this name and either smiled in agreement or have the biggest confused face. Milani has been around for a while and for some reason, it’s not on everyone’s radar, *whispers*: ‘it should be’. I first stumbled on Milani while cruising through Walmart’s beauty aisle and the lip colors instantly caught my eye. Not only do they give their products the cutest names, they have RANGE. One of my Color Statement Lipstick’s from them has to be ‘Teddy Bare’. I’ve convinced almost all my family and friends to buy this and for some reason it compliments every skin tone. If you’re not sold, check out a YouTube tutorial featuring the items. You’ll be amazed.


4. Physicians Formula x Bronzer ( )

- Before companies started to add highlighters and ‘glowy kits’ to their product selection, Physicians Formula had the girls glowing to the high heavens. Still very much a contender, PF is an amazing brand that has a multitude of selections for every skin color to keep you glowing year round. I personally love their ‘Shimmer Strips’ and ‘Butter Bronzer’ but they have other drool-worthy products to foam over via. IG: ‘PhysiciansFormula’.


5. L’Oréal x Color Riche La Palette Nude 1 ( …)

- L’Oréal has been killing the game when it comes to makeup for decades and their eyeshadow selections are in a league of its own. If you can't afford ABH or anything in between, start with the following makeup palette or get the desire single powder shades that you like. I find that the brand of eyeshadow doesn't matter as long as you know how to apply it.


Don't you wish this list was longer? Well I have some amazing news for you, I will be updating this list monthly with more cheap, fan favorites. Happy shopping.

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