The Best Fitness Apps To Whip You Into Shape

By @Wannasworld

Do you have #SummerBody goals on your mind? If so, the following apps will provide you with the perfect exercises and low calorie recipes to whip your body into shape this Bikini Season. Are you up for the challenge? Download my favorite apps  to get started on your brand new fitness journey.



Immediately after I gave birth to my daughter I felt insecure about my stretch marks and the extra skin that came with pregnancy. However, a few friends suggested that I download MyFitnessPal ( and I’ve been thanking them ever since. The app (available on iOS and Android) is essentially a diet tracker that allows users to create realistic goals by documenting meals and workouts. By logging your intake and daily physical activities it will tell you how many calories you’ve consumed and how many calories you’ve burned after a workout. One of my favorite features on the app is the “Community” section that grants you access to other individuals with similar goals, who provide great tips and tricks when it comes to health and weight loss.



Do you struggle with weight lifting or you just don’t know where to start? If so, Fitbod (Fitbod is for you. A colleague told me about this app a few days ago and I haven’t been able to put my phone down. Fitbod allows users to select common problem areas that they want to correct by providing personalized workouts that target fat and flab. The following app is available at The App Store for free. Try it today.


Nike+ Run Club:

If you hate cardio you probably sighed shortly after reading the title but when it comes to diet and exercise, cardio is a must. The Nike+ Run Club is the perfect app if you’re looking to track your runs/jogs and challenge your friends with a little motivation along the way. The Nike+ Run Club ( app is available in The App Store for free. 



When it comes to planning and logging, Pinterest is the best app to ever do it. What’s better than having all of your workouts and meal prep ideas in one place? If you don’t know a lot about Pinterest, the app specializes in organizing a multitude of inspiration boards that range from DIY’s, home ideas and makeup inspo. Pinterest is the GOAT when it comes to getting fresh ideas for healthy food options and exercises that you can comfortably do at the gym or at home. Try Pinterest ( › login) today via. app or website. 


Note: While diets are sometimes effective, it’s important to view this new direction as a lifestyle change. This journey may come with a few speed bumps but remember to stay focused and positive. One tip that I suggest is to build a support system of friends and/or family that will motivate throughout your weight loss journey. In addition, before trying any form of exercise, it’s best to consult your doctor

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