The Best Makeup Dupes on YouTube

Dupes. One word that catches my attention and can make all the difference. When the latest cosmetic craze pops up I patiently wait for “Dupe” videos on YouTube to fulfill my budget-friendly fix. Not only are most of the duplicates high quality, they run for a fraction of the price and the best part about it? Nobody will be able to tell the difference. If the product you’ve been eyeing is constantly sold out or you simply want to achieve the same look without breaking the bank, this article will provide you with everything you need and more. 


Laura Lee: “Cheap Dupes For Expensive High End Eyeshadow Palettes”


In this video Youtuber Laura Lee offers up plenty of affordable dupes that will please any budget. Click here ( for more. 


Elizabeth Dampier: “Cheap Dupes For Popular Highend Makeup 2017”


Looking for ABH, Kylie Cosmetics or Kat Von D dupes? Hit up this channel ( for the best alternatives. 


Jasmine Brown: “Fenty Beauty Drugstore Dupes” 


Still crushing on Fenty Beauty but didn’t get what you wanted? Jasmine offers up some of the best Fenty Beauty dupes for a fraction of the price. Click here (


Makeup By Michael Finch: “Testing Pinterest Makeup Dupes! Are They Really Dupes?”


See any amazing Pinterest dupes that you’ve been dying to test out? Michael Finch has you covered. See his interesting results what in this interactive video ( 


Jamie Paige: “Drugstore Lipstick Dupes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of”


If you love a good lipstick, Jamie covers all the bases with this video. If you’re a sucker for luxury and high-end lipsticks but can’t make that commitment financially, she rallies up some of the best drugstore makeup dupes. Click here ( for the awesomeness. 



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