The Best Small Content Creators To Follow on Youtube

By: Wanna’s World

Over the years YouTube has grown substantially and features almost every type of channel you could imagine. The site not only garners millions of views a day, it has become an essential app to utilize if you wish to monetize your platform, especially if you’re in the beauty industry.

However, under new requirements, YouTube ( is demonetizing thousands of creators because they have failed to acquire 4,000 hours of watch time and need to have a total of 1,000 subscribers to qualify for YouTube’s partner program. While there has been valiant efforts made on social media to help creators reach these requirements before the eligibility policy comes into effect as of February 20th, there are a plethora of content creators who produce great work that need an extra boost.

From this day forward, Bahi will highlight content creators who have under 1K subscribers bi-weekly in order to help them monetize from YouTube. If you love watching YouTube and are interested in beauty, hair and fashion, subscribe to everyone listed.

If you’re into beauty, hair and lifestyle content, @t_rayyyyy is your girl. Joining YouTube in 2016, she isn’t new to the game and specializes in beauty reviews (

Name: Tar’ra or SkinnyGirlWithStyle
Age: 27
Location: New Jersey
Occupation: Assistant Visual Merchandising Manager for Forever 21
Current Subscribers: 272 Subscribers
Channel Type: Beauty, Lifestyle & Fashion

I’ve been following @theeintrovert on Twitter for the longest time and I absolutely love all the looks she puts together. If you’re into makeup reviews and pretty beauty tutorials, Aleiyah is the one to watch. Click here to view her latest (

Name: Aleiyah
Age: 23
Location: South Florida
Occupation: Makeup Artist
Current Subscribers: 651
Channel Type: Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle

Fashionable and effortlessly chic, @shescandid‘s YouTube channel highlights all of these elements flawlessly. Joining YouTube in 2013, this natural haired beauty is the perfect subscription if you’re looking to freshen up your list.

Name: Victoria
Age: 24
Location: Miami, FL
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Current Subscribers: 702
Channel Type: Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Want to follow more small YouTube creators? Award winning sex and relationships blogger, @Oloni has an awesome thread that highlights content creators. View her #YouTubeCreatorsThread here (

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