The Sum And The Parts of Skincare And Self-Care

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Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Janu Ys is an undeniable force to be reckoned with. This phenomenal woman stops at nothing to provide informative tips and tricks to the everyday woman and her latest creative venture — #SkincareSunday embodies all things health, wellness and beauty. The stunning photos shot by art/creative director Nicole Simmons ( is the perfect addition to which showcases detailed articles with every budding skin care enthusiast in mind. If you want solid skin care advice, the following interview will be your favourite skin care read this year.


Wanna: Please give me a brief summary of #SkincareSunday!

Janu: #SkincareSunday is an already existing hashtag that has a plethora of posts under it. My friend, Nicole Simmons and I are suckers for skincare and holistic self-care practices - be they an acupuncture and cupping session, supplement and mineral consumption, or a detoxing bath and so on and so forth. We are constantly sharing products and practices with each other, and with our immediate friends circle. So much so, that we decided to step into sharing our offline conversations with each other, online and with the Internet!


Wanna: What made you interested in skin care?

Janu: I can’t say that I was always interested in skin care if I’m going to be totally honest. I used what I used and went on with my life. However, I have a deep and profound love for food and more importantly, ingredients. The parts that make up the sum are what have always interested in me in every facet. With this being said, I altered my approach to many parts of my life. And in turn, I started realizing that what I put on my body affects my well-being as much as what I put in my body. And this is really what started my endless research, and affinity of trying things out- be they DIY or a purchased product/ingredient. 


Wanna: There has been an influx of ‘skin care gurus’ on social media. What are your thoughts on this?

Janu: I’m not even mad. Haha. I think the word guru is what kinda throws many people, including myself, off. Where I’m from, guru means teacher- it refers to someone that is sharing what they have dedicated their life to as they progress and proceed on their journey. I don’t think that all of these people are dedicating their lives to these practices, but I do think that there is something to learn from everyone. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and everyone’s skin is different. It’s kinda great that there are so many available resources and testimonies!

That said, would I necessarily bite at every line thrown my way from the plethora of online personalities? Nah, I’ve worked too hard on my inner and outer glow for that. Would I be open to something someone has shared after having done my research and patch-testing? Sure, if I need it/it will benefit me. 


Wanna: How does someone find out their skin type?

Janu: You can go to a dermatologist, or alternatively, do research! You know your skin better than anyone else does- so practice that self-awareness on a physical level with your body and being. This actually helps with more than your skin- it’s like intuitive eating but for your skin! I used to work for a skincare company that walked me through intensive training on learning about skin types and how to holistically approach our body- so that’s where I started really picking up my knowledge. What I find extremely interesting though, is that many people have these clear and cut boxes to put themselves and others into. Your skin isn’t just oily, or dry, or combination and xyz. It’s a gradient, and there are so many underlying things to take into consideration. For example, I have moderately sensitive skin that is oily but dehydrated- it’s not just black and white.


Wanna: What are the absolute skincare basics?

Janu: This is so subjective. It really depends on your needs. But cleansing and moisturizing should be a constant in my humble opinion. Remember when I mentioned that your skin is your largest organ? It’s more specifically your largest detoxifying organ and protective organ- so it’s like a revolving door that is going into overtime for us. The least we can do is help it cleanse and heal while it works for us. You know?




Wanna: What is the best nighttime skin care routine?

Janu: Again, this really depends on your needs. My current nighttime routine is my moment of peace to end the day. I live downtown in a very busy, and highly polluted city so my routine gets intensive and meditative almost. I start with a balm/oil cleanser, follow through with a cream cleanser (not everyone can tolerate a double cleanse...I LOVE IT), tone (look up layering your toner- it’s what I do!), use my serums (which vary depending on my needs in that moment), moisturize, and pat my face oil on. There are nights when I’m really just done with the day, and on those nights I cleanse once and carry on with the rest of my routine. It’s how I lull myself to sleep.


Wanna: How often should makeup brushes be washed, and how often should they be replaced?

Janu: Okay look, I don’t wanna be that person...but I don’t really wear much makeup so I always feel like I’m the worst person to answer this. HOWEVER, when I did wear makeup regularly I would wash my brushes once a week and use one of those spray cleansers once every couple of days. Now, I wash my brushes once every 4-5 uses. The product build up will leave a lot of room for bacteria to grow and I’m really not  about that life. Sponges...I don’t even use them, I don’t care how nice the application is. Water is a breeding ground for bacteria and the thought of layering product onto that to pat onto my skin...and then leave on your counter/in your makeup bag until you use it again, this freaks me out. To each their own though *shrugs*. 


Replacing brushes can really range from 1-5 years as per many articles I’ve found online. Ultimately if you make an investment and buy yourself a really good quality set of brushes, it will last you much longer with proper upkeep- this is what I’ve done. The last time I bought brushes was about 2 years ago at an IMATS event. But like I said, I don’t really wear much makeup these days so I may not be the best person to answer this question. 


Wanna: What are your thoughts on skin lightening products?

Janu: *insert “I don’t know her” gif*


I actually have used them as a kid because I didn’t even know or understand what they were. They were marketed as a “this will make you prettier” product- and what does 13 year old me and my immigrant parents know of how this will affect my mental health and how I view myself? I distinctly remember using a tube of “Fair & Lovely” that I picked up at a random South-Asian bazaar for no longer than a month. I recall looking in the mirror and wondering why tf my face was lighter than my body, and how rinsed I looked. I threw it out immediately. Unfortunately, many people can’t say the same. It breaks my heart that we’ve been socially conditioned to hate our skin and have to unlearn in order to love ourselves. But here we are. My views? These products gotta go. And never come back.


Wanna: Name three ‘must-have’ skin care products and why?

Janu: I can’t live without rosehip oil- Nicole & I worked on an entire article about why we love it for Skincare Sunday! It’s the best oil I’ve ever used in my life! It’s one of those oils that works well with varying skin types to provide a multitude of benefits. I’ve even incorporated it into my body oils and OMG my skin is sooo happy.


Honey is my bff. It’s a healing, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial agent that also acts as a humectant- a moisture preserver. The benefits of honey are featured in our papaya mask recipe!


Aloe is so underrated and I love it! It’s an anti-scarring, healing, and reparative ingredient that does the most for our skin all whilst keeping it hydrated and even! The coming Skincare Sunday post will be covering it in more detail.



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