Underrated Beauty Trends You Should Try

By Wanna's World

When it comes to beauty and fashion, the options are literally limitless. The world is filled with a multitude of possibilities that will create a fresh, new look that will deviate from the highlight-contour-repeat brigade. After searching the web for hours, I came up with the best underrated beauty looks that need more TLC. Are you fearless and ready to step it up a notch? These beauty trends will set you apart from the crowd easily with just one stroke of your favourite cosmetic brush. 



Glossy Lids


Since the beautiful Aaliyah made her horror debut in the classic, “Queen of the Damned”. I’ve been fiending for the perfect glossy lid combination. While I’m usually a matte type of girl, glossy lids look like the perfect blend of sexy and sultry. Interested in the following look? Head to YouTube (https://youtu.be/5JuNSYgA148) and watch “Taesface” slay.



Colourful Eyeliner


There’s something about this trend that screams: “spring/summer” to me and I’m all for it. I’ve been deprived and lied to all my life thinking black eyeliner was the way to go but that all changed once I seen how beautiful colourful eyeliner looks. If you want a break from a black cat-eye, watch this (https://youtu.be/2qv30Omt-G0) tutorial by Sonjdradeluxe. 



Colourful Mascara


Like colourful eyeliner, I’ve always been here for colourful mascara. When I was in high school I always kept one tube of blue mascara in my makeup bag and to this day it remains a staple when I want something different. Want to see this look in HD? Click the link (https://youtu.be/r6FgtCB9uD8) for more. 



Ombre Lips


I wish I seen more of this trend because it’s just so damn gorgeous. If you’re in the mood to spice up your lips and direct all the attention to your pretty pout, try this wonderful look by JarryTheWorst on YouTube (https://youtu.be/d6JVt0PQi04).


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