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#TravelGoals is the perfect phrase to describe this beauty and all her accomplishments. This glowing Nigerian jetsetter has visited over 25 countries and counting whilst sharing her knowledge of her travels via. her informative blog: http://www.theufuoma.com. Her riveting content intricately details her experiences for those eager for some adventure and wanderlust. When embarking on quest to search for an individual who could answer some key questions when it comes to international travel and saving, The Ufuoma (www.twitter.com/theufuoma) was the perfect choice. 


Taking your first international trip typically includes months of preparation but when it’s all said and done, taking the plunge and exploring new territory opens up space for life lessons as well. For TheUfuoma, Europe was the first major trip that gave her incredible insight on life.


“My first major trip was a jaunt in Europe. I explored a some interesting and diverse countries, sometimes alone. During this time I learned that I am enough, and that I am capable of so much more than I had imagined. It was a transformative experience.”


While Ufuoma raves about self-discovery when traveling, she also notes that some countries that are often listed on “must-see destinations” are not always what their cracked up to be.


“I’ve absolutely enjoyed all the countries I have visited, as they all hold their own in some way. However, I thought that Paris, France was a tad overrated for me. Paris is beautiful but it’s just not as charming as it is made out to be. I had fantasized about it for a long time and when I eventually made it down there, it just didn’t live up to my expectations. It was like, “oh, this is the Paris?”


With travel and exploration on the brain, Ufuoma finds herself missing certain comforts that she leaves at home every time she’s on a fantasy destination.


“I get local comfort from my loved ones, ring them up if I have to and catch up on everything I may have missed while I was away. I also let them in on all the tea from my trip and give them the highlights. Just being surrounded by love from family and friends makes coming back home that much easier.”


While the following may be something that holds back a lot of people from traveling, that doesn’t stop the jetsetter from encouraging others. Especially when it comes to solo travel and embarking on brand new journeys. If you’re the type to second guess yourself, The Ufuoma has a very simple solution.


“I’ll say just do it, there’s never a right time. But, don’t go anywhere without being armed with the right information, that is literally your only weapon. Research where you are going, look confident so you aren’t an easy target, try to blend in as much as you can, wear a smile and be open to meeting new people to adventure with. Traveling solo does not necessarily mean you have to be alone the entire time. The beauty of it is, you can do what you want, when you want and you’re the only one who calls the shots.”


Got travel on your brain but you’re lacking in the financial department? Ufuoma encourages future flight hoppers to plan ahead and to do research.


“Look at your current financial situation and try to figure out what exactly you need to do to be able to afford to travel internationally. It’s one (or both) of two things: Cut your expenses, or get more income. Start to then put in the work that you think is required to make this travel dream a reality. Keep in mind: travel does not have to be super expensive. Go to sites like skyscanner.comkayak.com to find good travel deals. Ditch resorts because they are typically expensive, and rent a cute airbnb instead. There are always practical ways around it.”


While she makes travel look seamless, it’s important to understand that even though you may plan ahead, your trip may encounter a few speed bumps. When traveling abroad, The Ufuoma notes that expecting challenges along the way are key. Here’s how she handled an unfortunate situation in Peru.


“I was traveling to Peru at the time and I had a couple of connecting flights to catch, including catching the train in order to get to the airport I was departing from. Unfortunately, the train had massive 4-hour delays because according to reports, there were people who were attempting to commit suicide on the tracks. I ended up missing my connecting flights and all the airlines were fully booked. As a result, I was stranded at the airport for over 24 hours which was not an enjoyable experience at all.”


Lastly, I asked The Ufuoma about one thing she cannot go without when traveling and I couldn’t agree more. While traveling to the Dominican Republic and Mexico last year, my whole carry-on was filled with these goodies.


“My beauty and hygiene products (facial cleansers, lip balm, deodorant, sunscreen, etc.) are coming with me– because nobody wants to look like a hot mess, especially while on the road. I also like to stay connected so I’ll most definitely be bringing my phone, chargers, and power bank. And oh, my camera to capture all the priceless moments.”


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