What To Expect From Bahi’s Guide to Artistry

By Wanna's World


With several nods under their belt, such as Teen Vogue and Essence mag to name a few. Bahi Cosmetics has been leading the pack when it comes to homemade products that are made with love and care for every skin tone and skin type in mind. While mastering skin care and winning in cosmetics, Bahi has made a phenomenal ‘Guide To Artistry’ that every MUA/MUE looking to expand clientele/business should utilize to the best of their ability and every seasoned veteran should read to brush up on their skills. The following book is the must-have item for anyone who wants to have a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know in the beauty industry. 


On the website, it states: “This makeup artist guide offers many tips and tricks that you won't find in other books (trust us, we read many books in order to compose this book). By consulting some of your favorite makeup artists, photographers and models, by attending seminars and by simply learning the ways of the business, we were able to compose a book that's actually worth reading and that helps. This book is so informative that you won't be left without knowing a thing.”


In the 85 page book, Danielle Bahi and Bahi Cosmetics include two parts that shed light on: ‘Color theory, skin, lighting, contouring and highlighting, sanitation and expiration, portfolio/marketing and building a contract to name a few. While it’s hard to choose favourites, one of my favourite aspects of this book are the tips on how to achieve the perfect lighting which is instrumental to anyone in the beauty/creative world, the very DETAILED skin section that gives multiple tips and tricks for people who have oily skin, dry skin and everything else in between and how to work around different skin types to ensure coverage.  Next I love the section that focuses on colour theory and how it works, while providing face charts and the colour wheel to give you a better look on how to beat yours or someone else’s face. Thirdly, I enjoy the ‘Contouring and highlighting’ section that shows you more than just applying but also shows the reader how it works on different face types and how to maximize someone face to the best of your ability. Last but not least, the section that focuses on contracts and marketing is SO important that will teach MUA/MUE’s on how to ensure that the services provided are being respected and paid appropriately. 


Writing the foreword to the book was an absolute pleasure as I note that Bahi Cosmetics the immense work, intricate detail and valuable information that is imperative for anyone wanting to be in this industry to live and breathe. You can purchase this book for only $45.00 USD via. Bahi Cosmetics website here (https://bahi.care/muastore/bahi-guide). You don’t want to sleep on this, trust me.


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