Winter Beauty Tips

By: Wanna’s World

When the temperature drops, it seems like everything in the skincare department starts to go horribly wrong. While the cold months attack us from all angles, dry skin is the number one nuisance that doesn’t seem to go away during the Winter season. However, with a few tips and minor changes to your skincare regimen, you can maintain that effortless glow you got from the summer. 


While it took months to land your perfect shade, you’ll be better off if you get another foundation for the Winter. During this season in particular, our skin tends to get lighter due to the lack of sun, so it’s best to go to your local beauty counter and test out your “Winter Shade” to avoid looking mismatched.


It’s no secret that our lips get drier as the weather drops below temperature. While lip balm is key and should be integrated in our daily practice to keep our lips juicy and plump, it’s key to wear lipsticks that are creamy rather than matte. This will help to lock in that moisture to avoid cracks in your lips.

Interested in a lip scrub? I like to grind some mint in a mixture of brown sugar and gently scrub my lips to rid of dry skin. It works like a charm.


Do you exfoliate regularly? If not you may want to start. Exfoliating in the Winter is key to rid of dry flakes, dead skin and to seal in moisture. Whether you use exfoliating gloves, a brush or your hands, integrate this practice to allow your skin to shine. 

In the mood to create your own exfoliant? I personally love anything with brown sugar due to its rough exterior but my ultimate favourite is a mixture of coffee grinds, brown sugar and honey. It truly does the job.


Oil is the absolute best in the Winter when wanting to layer with water for dry complexions. After your shower, use any oil of your choice and massage it into your skin to maintain soft, supple skin in the Winter. I prefer to use Coconut Oil and it leaves my skin baby soft. Try it, you’ll be amazed at the outcome.

Tip: When taking a shower, make sure the water isn’t too hot. That’ll only leave your skin more dry and irritable. Stick to warm showers to avoid dry skin. 


Thinking about doing a ‘wash n’ go’? Rethink that. Wet hair may cause breakage and the last thing anyone wants is stringy, uneven hair. If you’re thinking about going outside with wet hair use your favourite conditioner to ensure that your strands are being protected.

One last essential, make sure you carry lotion in your hand bag. The last you want is to look ashy in the Winter. 

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