Bahi: The Makeup Guide

Bahi: The Makeup Guide


Are you an MUA or MUE looking to expand your clientele or your business? Do you feel like you know enough but need to know more?

Then this guide is for you.

This makeup artist guide offers many tips and tricks that you won't find in other books (trust us, we read many books in order to compose this book). By consulting some of your favorite makeup artists, photographers and models, by attending seminars and by simply learning the ways of the business, we were able to compose a book that's actually worth reading and that helps. This book is so informative that you won't be left without knowing a thing.


This book is composed of many things such as:

  1. Lighting & how it plays with makeup
  2. Color Theory
  3. How to market yourself
  4. Sanitation, Makeup Kit

& much more.

70+ pages of goodness. 



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