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Isabelle's Roses (named after @Urbandoll) is a lotion made with the same ingredients as the sunflower sweets serum. The only difference is, the lotion has it's own twist of rose & hibiscus mixed in.  


Ava & Vera lotion was inspired by a little princessAva. With the purpose of creating a product that would allow for skin to resemble Ava's, Dani created a lotion made with aloe vera & jojoba great for hydration, skin discoloration and treatment in psoriasis & eczema. 

Galore's Garden is a new serum mainly composed of Vitamin C. It works great for fading those dark spots and acne scars. Many of you have explained to us that the Sunflower Sweets Serum does a great job at clearing your acne and softening your skin but, you need something just as strong to tackle the discoloration.

Great for: 

- Dark spots or stubborn marks
- Moisture & acne control
- Elasticity & sensitivity


If you want to know more… feel free to check out the results on our twitter or Instagram page.

Available ifor everyone.

Don't worry--there are no harmful or bleaching agents in this product.


How To Use:

Use as moisturizer day and night after cleansing face


All products are 2oz each

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